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 Posted: Mar 10th, 2013 09:23 AM
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This is the first EVP I've ever shared for peer review (with the exception of posting a couple on G+.), please be kind. Mrs. M and I collected it during a visit to the Museum of Colorado Prisons (formerly the Women’s Correctional Facility est. 1935). February ’09, I believe. Cold snowy morning, arrived at opening, 8:00 am or so. We were the only people in the building with the exception of the docent(nice little lady in her 70’s)and near the back end of the main hallway, furthest cells away from the front entrance. Non-audible during capture and wedged between our conversation. I am interested in this example(s) for a few reasons and once you hear it, you’ll understand. Pick at it and let me know what you think. You aren't going to hurt my feelings if you believe this to have natural explanation. thanks!

Let me know if this link method works. If no, I'll figure out another way to post...

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