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 Posted: Feb 15th, 2013 07:54 AM
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During the past few months I’ve been “beta-testing” 2 Android apps: Spud*Pickles’ “GHOST RADAR LEGACY” and Krugism’s “GHOST SPEAKER.”

(HOW the apps function? –Don’t know …apparently word choice involves an algorithm and some portion of the smart phone’s myriad sensing capabilities)

Wanted to see exactly what percentage of the ‘communication’ (if any) produced a “hit” –as demonstrated by specific language and concepts contained in either singular “word lists” or persistent word patterns… And whether or not Spirit might gain proficiency using it over a period of time.

I’ll initiate it in the car, etc. –whenever …LEGACY stores time/date word lists. SPEAKER has a manual “save” function.

Pretty interesting results (many times related to specific human activity occurring at a particular moment)
Major beef with LEGACY- not able to upload words that might be useful to Spirit (e. g. The name “Kenda” is definitely NOT in the dictionary- “Canada” seems to pop up a lot??)…Spud*Pickles came out with an Apple app GHOST LEGACY CONNECT –not available for Android- Has upload capability.

GHOST SPEAKER really came to life on a visit to St. Augustine, FL -The country’s oldest city, c. 1565…National monument- coquina fortress, Castillo de San Marcos.
Walking through “old town,” St. George St.:

“troops, shot, brigade, Confederacy, turret, lieutenant, colonel, brigade, troops-below, troops-decay, turret-shoot, dark-mass-scratch-run, tavern, tavern, tavern, tavern…”
–And it continued on the way home in the car. (Probably huge disappointment we don’t drink)

Went to visit a friend whose home borders a large cemetery- Nada in the house …as soon as I fired up the car- “Elaine, Rodney, Samantha, oldest Robinson, prayer” hit the screen. Proper names aren’t terribly common; This was obviously over the top.

GHOST RADAR LEGACY definitely has its moments. This morning for instance…I’m sitting here wondering aloud if possibly it’s against natural law for Spirit to communicate with the living (hence the sparse nature of communication as a whole)- “No” GRL pipes up.

On GRL have had entities compose poetry in a singular word list- prefacing the communication with either “poet” or “poetry.”

Check out the communiqué below for an interesting prose example: