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 Posted: Feb 3rd, 2013 01:36 AM
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Rachel EVP Voices


Hi Gizmo

Please don't think that I'm writing off the subjects case, it's just in isolation that paper didn't hold up for me.

I've seen things fly across rooms but I wouldn't expect anyone to believe it unless they were there too. The authors of the paper gave a lot of anecdotal information without backing it up with witness accounts, that's my main niggle with it. I'm sure that the authors would have taken statements before going ahead with the paper and been satisfied that it was a genuine case but I don't think enough background was provided.

My personal opinion is that some individuals do have the ability to affect things in their environment but I haven't been able to find scientific proof of it yet. I appreciate that not everybody needs it to be proved to them but I do. Over the years I've heard so many anecdotal accounts of activity that turn out to be explainable, it's made me cautious of taking things at face value.

I like Rupert Sheldrake's approach and I'm not at all surprised that he's involved with the subjects testing. He has some wild theories on the mind-energy link and is very persuasive. Thanks again for the link, it'll be very interesting to read more about the phenomena. If it is as you say, the poor lady's nerves must be frazzled.

Best wishes,

Rachel :smile: