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 Posted: Jan 31st, 2013 06:05 PM
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Hi guys, been going through lots of my audio lately, even the nasty ones. Since i have found better ways to clean my audio ie with more cleaning like filters etc, boy I am ashamed to say, that half the things i thought i was hearing, was completely wrong. Do i feel like a right plonker.I even sent some of this to a moderator here, phoned some good friends and sent some to a famous radio guy, in a state of panic.When the moderator here said he couldn't hear what i was hearing, it made me worse.Well so far so good in what i am hearing now.How easy is it to misplace what we are actually hearing, until you put the audio through filters etc.My opinion now is that most of what i was hearing was from a reliable source ie good entities.Apart from that one day, of non electrics, and i have seen two ghosts too, which i told Rachel about, its been cool.Even my oldest audio has been transformed into amazing things i never heard before.So everybody line up outside my house, and when i open the door, each take a turn in slapping me.Darren, you are now king of the plonker society.I still hear Azeban though, that hasn't changed lol.Thanks, Darren.