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 Posted: Jan 31st, 2013 01:27 PM
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Rachel EVP Voices


Hi all

I've recently had a few requests through my website from people asking how to improve their recordings. I'm sure most of you here don't need any help from me but if you're starting out I'm always happy to help if I can.

There's a short piece on site but I believe the reason I have been able to capture so many clear voices, is down to the recording environment as much as the very simple methodology. If I was starting out researching EVPs the conflicting opinions on the internet would confuse me terribly. I know my method works for me but I also know it doesn't work as well for other people. I think it would be helpful to all who would like to take part,to share their EVP capture method in short simple steps. It'll not only help beginners but it'll help us appreciate each others work.

I've made an attempt below and if you'd like to enter your own, that would be grand. If you can add a class A or B clip that you captured using the method, we'll all have a guide as to what we can expect if all goes well!


Equipment: standard Toshiba laptop, Audacity 1.3 Beta software, Olympus VN2100
Recording environment: blacked out quiet room (no extraneous noise), with a red overhead 60 watt bulb
Time of recording: Weekly, Thursdays 9pm to 10pm
Noise: no background noise was used

Set up:
- Enter recording environment and announce that recording with the dictaphone will begin in x seconds
- Ask questions and encourage those present to speak
- When you have finished talking, thank those listening
- Set up the archive file for the recording with date / time
- Open software and transfer the recording from the dictaphone via a 3.5mm lead, in real time to your laptop
- Play back without reducing noise, reversing or adjusting the speed
- When you hear a clip, grade into A, B or C


Rachel: We would have got on because we're both cantankerous mediums
Voice: That girl's impetulent

I'm really looking forward to hearing what you all do!

Best wishes,

Rachel :smile:

Attachment: that girls impetulent.wav (Downloaded 400 times)