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 Posted: Jan 27th, 2013 11:23 AM
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hank wrote: Perhaps higher standards are needed for the position of moderator.
Thank you for your opinion, Hank.

I'm not a moderator on a strictly EVP site.  We deal with many topics relating to the paranormal. I'm there to moderate the forum.   Do you understand what that means?

My area of focus, I suppose, if I had to center on one, is photography.  I taught  both film and digital photography for quite a long time, and it makes understanding photographic evidence easier - but even there, it can be baffling.  I'm still learning.

I'm HERE  on this forum to discuss the paranormal, and my bafflement about EVPs is genuine in regard to many that I've heard and tried (even with noise cancelling headphones) to decipher.  Or even to be able to hear what others have heard.  I am not good at hearing them.  This in no way indicates that others cannot.  Nor does it indicate they are not valid.  I respect the people like Ron and Chris, and Rachel who uphold standards for collecting and analyzing them.  But I have to say, I've found I am useless at doing this myself. It's frustrating. 

 I still love to hear Class A ones, especially when they pop up under controlled circumstances.  We run into a lot of PSB-7 and spirit box evidence.  We also hear a lot of recordings where the contamination of crunching footsteps, wind, talking of investigators and various other sources of noise make it really hard for me to hear voices. 

As for collecting evidence and doing this type of stuff myself, I'd prefer not to.  When we went this route, we ended up dealing with things in our home that were annoying at best and potentially dangerous at worst.  I am pretty convinced that it might stir things up if I started asking for contact again.  Doesn't mean I'm not still very interested in learning more myself.  Do you feel that learning about this field must be done by doing first hand research?  I do not.  

Thank you for the suggestions, Rachel, for further reading. I WILL look into this.  If it can improve my understanding of how to listen to them; how to sift out the aural pareidolia; and how to determine when I'm hearing a disembodied voice, I'd be thrilled.

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