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 Posted: Jan 27th, 2013 08:54 AM
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Rachel EVP Voices


Hello all

I'm sure the following links might be well know to most of you but just in case you've missed them... Some of the material is very old but is none the less still worthwhile and helpful when beginning EVP research. I know recording EVPs is straightforward and cheaply done but spending a little time learning about the history of EVP research will undoubtedly help you improve channels of communication.

German Association for Transcommunication Research( VTF )
Germany and the Scandinavian countries seem to have had more than their fair share of eminent EVP researchers. The VTF website is a mine of information and well worth a visit. They publish many excellent articles in German but if you go through Google, it's easily translated.

EVP Maker,
An excellent website with some very interesting clips. There are many examples of EVPs captured using different techniques, some of them are very clear even to a foreign ear. The owner has developed his own software that is worthy of testing along side your regular set up. It may or may not work but he's very kindly made it shareware so it won't cost you a penny and it's virus free.

World ITC,
Mark Macy's site has been going for some time and if there's someone who's done research, you'll probably find them on his website. There are some incredible recordings featured, many of which are still controversial. Have a listen and make up you own mind.

ITC Journal,
Anabela Cardoso has been working hard with her contacts at Timestream for many years. She works not with EVPs but with direct radio voices ( DRV ) and has had some excellent communication. Her book, "Electronic Voices" is to be thoroughly recommended if you're starting out. Easily obtained on Amazon.

Institute of Noetic Sciences ( IONS ),
IONS have some fantastic contributors, with plenty of talks and articles on their website. If you're on the US West Coast you're very lucky and no doubt know about them already.

Hope you find something of interest :smile:

Best wishes,


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