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 Posted: Jan 27th, 2013 07:53 AM
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Rachel EVP Voices


Hello Gizmo

I was surprised to read as a moderator that you're not familiar with the nature of EVPs. Radio waves and voice contamination are only a problem as you quite rightly said when no controls are in place. Should an experimenter use controls and voices persist, providing contextual messages, then they should be considered. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has been able to replicate EVPs by radio wave transmission.

You may find it helpful to read Konstantin Raudive's book, Breakthough if you can lay your hands on a copy or look online at the work of Prof. Ernst Senkowski. Both will help you understand the process and method of EVP researchers.

Again as a moderator I would strongly suggest you take part in some kind of research of your own. Reading about other peoples work is very interesting and you can learn a lot but you'll never know if you could take that information to the next step if you don't try. You may well be the person to make the next breakthrough. Whatever happens you'll be better equipped to help those in need of advice.

You're perfectly right about looking at the bigger picture to see trends of reporting. I quite enjoy digging in the data to see what factors affect and drive those who write about phenomena. It's a fascinating time to be researching the subject, less than 100 years ago I'm sure we'd all have been burnt as witches!

Best wishes,

Rachel :smile:

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