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 Posted: Jan 27th, 2013 07:26 AM
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Rachel EVP Voices


Hi Darren

Yes I did try slowing it down and still couldn't hear it, as I said, if you isolate it and send it over I will have another go. We all hear pitches differently and it may be that I'm tone deaf.

The voice clip I posted saying the name Darren was captured some time ago in a sitting with a friend but neither of us knows or knew anybody with your name. Of course it might be the person coming through but as there's no context we can't be sure.

As you're already very well aware, the voices can lead you up the proverbial garden path. Try not to take all they say too seriously. Statistically there are very likely to be aliens out there in the cosmos but I'd wait to get some pretty good evidence before putting it out there.

Have fun and by all means send over some clips.

Best wishes,


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