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 Posted: Jan 26th, 2013 09:32 PM
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Hi Rachel, the azeban is at 12 secs in the recording.It is spoken really fast, just after the word important, which is about 10secs i think isn;t it?.Where did you capture my name? was it in my audio files i sent you.Most of the time they call me hybrid, and i have to say their voices are other wordly and quite cool sounding to be honest, i like the way they say hybrid it is nuts, but i hope its a hybrid soul not out and out alien.Saying that, they have called me spirit too, so theres hope yet. Rachel if you wouldn't mind i would like to send you a couple of these for you to hear, i think you would like them.I have been going through older files lately, as only recently i found the slow down feature on my software, and now can make out much more than previously.Trouble is i have hundreds and its a slow process isn't it.I have come across some interesting things, azeban a couple more times as well.Throughout the past year, i have asked lots of questions about past lives and had interesting responses, some have matched up with things i was told by a medium too. I'm still not sure about whether i have been duped all this time or whether a couple of other things have come through too during these conversations i have had, because of the sheer detail in some of the responses.This is something i'm starting to believe may have happened with me.I also have audio where they are talking to themselves, a couple of times, and that is very interesting in regards of what they are saying and what they are doing. It paints a picture for me in what the after life is really like, in regards to dimensions and aliens etc, which i seriuosly think have a big part in who we are, and what this is all about.If of course i am not been tricked by a very intelligent entity. I would like to go for a regression too by a newton trained hypnotherapist, see what happens there.Rachel let me know if you would like to hear some more. Thanks, Darren.