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 Posted: Jan 26th, 2013 06:29 PM
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Rachel EVP Voices


Hi Darren

Thanks very much for sending over your clips. I've listened to them quite a few times each day as I wanted to be sure that I was hearing the same thing. The only word I could hear with any certainty was "Important", I couldn't hear Azeban in either clip. You obviously can and are able to pick it out, if you could isolate the word and nothing else I'd be very interested to have another go.

Absolutely fascinated to hear of your post jogging experience. I had something almost identical happen; a semi-solid fast moving, localised mist at the top of the stairs. It too seemingly exited through an exterior wall. I put this down initially to tiredness, until I saw it next outside in broad daylight. The last time it moved silently from the living door, past me and into the kitchen. I have to admit though, having a seance room in the house, if such things are real, I do rather ask for it!

Don't use your power of ignorance, whip out your recorder and ask them why they didn't hang around to chat. I bet you'd get an answer and you might be surprised by the reply! :biggrin:

Best wishes, Rachel