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 Posted: Jan 26th, 2013 06:14 PM
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Rachel EVP Voices


Hi Gizmo

I had to chuckle, I must be awfully thick headed! I set out with the objective not to go on anybody else's word and believe only what I could experience and validate myself. It's been a decision I have never regretted. By all means consider, listen to and explore other's ideas but don't take them at face value. And I wouldn't expect anybody to do any differently with my research.

Looking for patterns is fine and granted it is enjoyable but pareidolia has a nasty habit of creeping in when your guards not up. Finding meaning in synchronicity is a prime example.

Going back to the subject heading of disturbing messages, I would suggest some recommendations before experimenters worry about a recording;
Unless the recording is a class A, do blind listing tests and ask other people to listen without providing a translation. We all have subjective hearing and it may well be that you've misheard. Keep a diary with the times and dates of all recording sessions and any activity in the environment during or after the session. Asking witnesses to write their own version of events, this will help you understand exactly what did happen. When recording ask for the assistance of a trusted communicator that you have had contact with before. If nothing else, put it all in to perspective. When you stop listening to the recording, the threat is gone. Stop recording and you won't hear anything that upsets you. That really is all you need to remember.

If those experimenting are absolutely certain that their message holds evidence of a threat and are worried then get in touch with a university research unit, there are many psychologists that would like to hear from them.

Best wishes,

Rachel :smile: