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 Posted: Jan 22nd, 2013 09:23 AM
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Hi gizmo, i know this is going to sound strange but he did a father christmas, ho ho ho!.Why i guess,it was just before christmas , before this happened 3 strange events happened.My wife is a manager of a pet store here in the uk and before we left, they were showing me a fish tank decorated in a santa scene,complete with santa ornament. Then driving home as i was telling my wife that tonight i was going to conduct my first ever ghostbox session, a car that came off a roundabout in front of us had EVP on its registration, as the words were coming out of my mouth, i pointed this out to her, and said do you know what that stands for.Then just before the radio knocked off in my hands, just before i captured the evp, the word SANTA, came out of the spirit box really loud.Then when i pressed record on my recorder as i said earlier shaking like a leaf, i captured his voice saying this.I dont know how much people beleive in signs and synchronicities, but i am a big believer in those things.Thanks, Darren.