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 Posted: Jan 20th, 2013 06:34 PM
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How many times I've had that response from those I've mentioned EVP to... (even from those who you could never accuse of "living under a rock").

Also hard to fathom why still exists in today's world no shortage of disbelievers in the existence of an afterlife ? - when you'd expect in our supposedly enlightened times, disbelievers & doubters should be almost unheard of. (& have to say, it's something of a paradox how native tribes universally have a consciousness of the spirit, yet more 'advanced cultures' can at all be doubting.. even with the development of spirit detecting technologies?)

I'm all for the promoting & fostering of a broader perspective on life & our place in it.. which consciousness of our spirit essence can only but enable - for, modern day humanity (like our native cousins) surely cannot be essentially content with unimagining in a greater purpose & meaning of life.

I'm also for promoting communication with spirit through electronic means to the broader public.. in aid - EVP experimenters may consider playing some of their broadcasting quality EVP's on suitable radio stations (overnight radio is often best as tend to have an "anything goes" policy).