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 Posted: Jan 19th, 2013 03:20 PM
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Rachel EVP Voices


Hello folks

I hope you don't mind me playing devils advocate but I was very surprised that in an ITC forum there are members that consider the need for stones to ward off negative spirits/entities. I've read how crystals resonate at unique frequencies that supposedly effect spirits and our ability to link with them. In the many years I've been researching, I've not come across one case of activity that crystals had any measurable affect on, other than as a psychological prop - maybe that's enough of a benefit?

A friend very kindly gave me some crystals that were used in the Scole Experiment, sadly they didn't have any affect when we tried using them. However I'm very sure that my friends testimony of their self illumination in the Scole Hole was genuine. I'm not saying it's all bunk but isn't it better to use your intelligence and common sense, than to rely on an inanimate object to make you feel better?

I've witnessed solid objects being thrown across a room and electrical faults around the house coming and going seemingly at the will of an invisible entity, the only thing that keeps me hooked is how do they do it.

Parapsychology NEEDS current cataloged, illustrated cases of activity for research. If you currently have activity, why not get involved with either the ASPR in America or the SPR in the UK. Both organisations I'm sure, would be glad to read your documented account.

Best wishes, Rachel :smile:


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