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 Posted: Jan 18th, 2013 07:13 PM
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Reading through your disturbing messages: it seems some are in cryptic ie. "we are valuable & they have brown garden" (Aliens needing our expertise to grow food, perhaps?)
Can't discount alien contact - even abductions by aliens + interbreeding ("journeys with babies")
As for being called "hybrid" - you wouldn't have disproportionately oversized head, together with dark almond shaped eyes, perhaps?

I would be interested to hear the messages .. having held the view that if messages don't really make much sense, we are misinterpreting what is being said. .. a pity audio files don't allow for much longer message postings.
Further, I am skeptical that there are very many spirits who are in the business of "having us on"... from my experience they've been few & far between.

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