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 Posted: Jan 18th, 2013 12:06 PM
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Hi guys, after trying to wrap my head around the last few days and year to be precise, I was wondering how often have you had responses whilst doing EVP or ghostboxing etc, from relatives or friends who have passed away. I have only had one, who was my wifes grandfather and good friend of mine. It was my very first evp, just after my very first attempt at ghostboxing, where before this I had 3 synchro events, and during the ghostbox session, the radio i was holding knocked off in my hands, then there was this weird feeling around the room, and then a slap on my mirrored wardrobe right in front of me. Shaking I lay back on my bed, pressed record on my olympus recorder, and 32 secs into the 1 and half minute recording, her grandfathers voice was there. Three days before this i was at his grave, and just before i left I asked if he would come show me if the afterlife exists, as we would often talk about this in his house..This not only blew my mind for several months solid, but changed my views on life, and what we are..I often wonder though, why they do not do it more often..Thanks guys, Darren.