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 Posted: Jan 18th, 2013 03:04 AM
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Gizmo wrote: pol wrote: Interesting & eye-opening posts here!

Although in regard to "protective stones & crystals", am curious how such would actually work ?- seems too benign to have any actual effect.
That's exactly what I said / say.  How can a piece of stone do anything?  I am not sure anyone knows, but here's the does seem to work.

Some sensitives can't bear to hold black tourmaline because it feels uncomfortable.  But I know of 3 people who I trust, who have said that it was amazingly effective at clearing an area.

Try it.  Can't hurt.  I got some online - I think on Amazon?  It was pretty cheap.  I keep it in the bedroom, just in case.  I figure as much as I talk about this stuff, it might be good insurance against something noticing!
I can vouch for crystals/stones working re protection against negative energies.
I have had - and still have  - very good results with haematite, tourmaline and black onyx. Also mountain crystal is very good as an amplifier for all other stones.

My take on how they work: through energy.
Negative energies are repelled by the energies of the stones.
At the same time, the energy of the stones helps to 'clean' your own aura.

I have been suffering from a malevolent infestation for a year, and the stones have given me not only peace from the incessant touchings and other funny things, but also improved my own inner strength and resistence.
I can only recommend them to be worn at all times for protection, as well as place them in your environment to cleanse it.