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 Posted: Jan 17th, 2013 08:28 AM
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Hi guys, just wanted to update you on whats been happening in my house since i stopped recording.Well the spirit here is playing havoc with my electrics, charging itself up i think.My tumble drier works then doesnt, the dial keeps getting turned on its own, mostly to finish which none of us ever do, and my children certainly havent, they have never touched it.Also my washing machine, computer, my thermostat keeps getting turned to full , which again none of us do and literally today i turned the stat to just under 20 on the dial, chucked the hoover through downstairs and five minutes later it was turned past 30.Also two nights ago as i watched telly i seen the most incredible black shadow figure just a bit shorter than myself literally poke half its body around my kitchen corner then shoot back.I jumped an absolute mile but stood my ground.Also when i'm on the computer i can see very faintly, slight shadows walking around my living room, and can also feel slight static charge feelings. I used to see this slight shadow when i was doing sessions in my bedroom too.Just ordered some hematite. Thanks, speak soon.Darren.