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 Posted: Jan 16th, 2013 06:28 PM
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I realize this is an old thread but I'm going to put my two cents in anyway lol, it may help someone that has had a similar expience and is looking for information about it.

First I would like to say to Frank, the only thing you may have misrepresented was that the call itself was "paranormal" in nature, though rereading your post I see that you didn't answer the call live and the information in your posting is from the message you found on the machine after someone called from an "unknown number".
I have to agree with Monkirei (12th post above) based upon the twenty plus experiences I've had (let me correct this, I have only paid attention to or checked out the last twenty or so, I believe it has been taking place for quite a while now but I didn't know what it was as I only became aware of EVP/ITC a little under a year ago and had no idea such a thing was even possible!)

Most of these "piggybacked" messages have come through the Voicemails left by my Daughter whether she speaks or not (meaning there are times she hangs up without speaking but the machine has already picked up and there have been messages in that short space before the phone disconnected) I can clearly hear parts of the "message" when playing them back on the answering machine (they've said my youngest Son's name which is probably what caught my attention the first time!)though most of them need to be slowed so I record them directly into the program I use to listen to my other stuff. I've had a few "piggybacked" onto messages left by others but the vast majority (at least the recent ones)have been in my Daughters voicemails to my home phone answering machine (she recently had a "live" experience while talking to me on the phone-she was on her cell & I was on the landline- I could not hear any of it but she doesn't really believe in this stuff and wouldn't make it up, in fact she was rather freaked out by it-it came after I received about half of the piggybacked messages in her voicemails) Almost all, if not all, of these voicemail messages seem to be from the same people with one person being the most "vocal" and persistent lol!
I've recently gotten them in voicemails that were not from my Daughter (only a small amount)and I think several of them may be "direct call" attempts (there isn't any "non paranormal" voice on a few) but I can't confirm that because I stupidly erased the caller ID before listening to the machine. I don't get many BS calls since updating my "Do not Call" thingy and most people that call my house leave some sort of message. I'm trying to pay more attention before wiping out the caller id and voicemails but I still do not answer calls from numbers I'm not familiar with.....maybe I should start huh?

A side note: The "interuption" on my Daughters side of the phone call ended as soon as she got upset and said something like 'he doesn't want to hear what I have to say -he better knock it off'. I was replying to her (saying that she shouldn't talk like that or she might get her wish and lose the opportunity to speak to the caller) when I could tell it had already stopped because the call connection sounded "normal" again- it seemed to sound more "open" like someone picked up an extention when she was having her experience (that wasn't possible since there wasn't an "extension" on either end of the call) she interupted my warning saying "it stopped" as I had already suspected.
She hasn't had another experience since (at least not one she's shared with me). The moral of the story is "Don't get freaked out and be careful what you say when you get one of these" lol! Now that I think about it, she got a new phone & new service fairly soon after this took place, maybe it will take a while for them to figure it out again????