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 Posted: Jan 14th, 2013 11:43 PM
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Hi everyone... just getting back to spell out a little regarding the sound file of Amigo the dog.... what I hear of this dual direction message is and has been since I found it ... ' where's Sheila ' ... the idea of this dog asking where someone is makes sense with his body language and overall tones during this very short visit which was the very first time I recorded him. It seemed no one was home.. the car that was often in this driveway behind the house where Amigo was penned in was not present. At this point I had no visual reference of the people who lived here... it was not long after this that I met the woman who lived there while walking by, and I found out her name was Sheila..

During my first visit with Sheila I made a point of telling her of my audio experiments and that I'd found this message from Amigo apparently asking where she was by name... she seemed a little stunned, but stayed right there talking with me.. She said that people would think I was insane for coming out and saying I was doing this.. she also said she was different and that she was comfortable with this potential revelation.... she even agreed to having me send her this sample of Amigo along with a few of other animals through email attachments... she wrote down her email address !
I of course years into being eager and futilely challenged in finding legit situations like this after countless attempts to validate or reject my impressions by trial, kept my word by sending these as soon as I got home. I noticed after the next few days went by, Sheila never even replied to my letter with these attached samples... .. I'll speed this up now.. it's about six or so years later and here's the score... Sheila did not even make eye contact with me on the very few occasions our paths would cross for a full three years from the time she was presented with the audio samples... After this we said hi and how's the weather.. she never even brought this up... so over the past three years I've accepted I was a monster to her if I even wanted to discuss this, so I never brought it up...

well guess what.. a few months back this last spring, she actually asked me if I would send her the very file used here as the sample again... so, of course I did.. a couple days later I saw here walking towards me with Amigo at dusk.. I said hi Sheila.. she actually darted off into the shrubs to hide from me.. Last point I will make is this... this is actually what you'd call a raving success compared to the thousands of other people I've approached regarding this phenomenon as it pertains to animal ' audio-psychic ' communications I've been trying to test out in proper settings, and what they've pretty much all offered me in response. This is just a fraction of a theme I've been dealing with, I just offered a microscopic glimpse of a huge part of the past fifteen years I've been experiencing..

Moving on now with the main challenge and objective I've had since 1998. When it comes to anomalous audio such as evp, speech reversals, animal speech, etc. etc., I don't know how anybody can miss the magnitude of the fact that individual people hear these sounds very individually !!! My recent postings here on this forum back that up and cause me to believe if anything, in my world of perceptions, this is only even more prevalent than it's ever been before.. this is why I don't spend much time on boards like this... Don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate having this opportunity to solidify my understanding that this is the absolute case.. and I have a new approach taking this into account decisively finally.. I guess I won't say too much more about this other than to say what I am doing over the next few months.

Number one, I am going quit sharing the audio files.. I am just going to spend the next season finishing the construction of my latest itc instrumental device.. I will then conduct regular recording sessions to test out many variables with the equipment and my own techniques... my aim is to build up a strong connection again to where I can hear these messages with much more certainty.. though just like I've been saying for way too many years... without validating these impressions by circumstances based in reality.. who can say any of this stuff is anything more than wishful thinking ? I'm not saying this for anyone else.. I suppose we all have our own reasons for spending time and energy wanting to hear these enigmatic voices? ...

I've thought of my efforts of being like a radio or telephone operator... what I think has really offered a major jinx is my trying so hard to present audio that people will hear with their own ears.. I've done this countless times with success, but it never earned me any ground, in fact almost without exception.. those people who were stunningly impressed by what I presented them with, almost without exception would not communicate with me after a few days went by and it settled in.

here's a short sample I'd like to share for fun and more illustration of what I am saying... this is simply a seagull making vocal sounds as I was throwing out bread for a large parking lot bound flock at a local park on the bay here in N.W. Seattle.. Pretty much everyone hears this as I do.. which simply is ' Brian '. I sent this to one guy who considers himself an intelligently critical thinker.. I sent it unlabeled, and he simply wrote back.. " I bet you think this says Brian" .. end of story, ho hum, done... So be it.. one thing's for sure, this theme is very solid.. don't think I'm asking for sympathy. I'm done with all that just now this new years starting line !! Here's the audio :

One last point I think it is important for me to make is this .. I have actually validated my impressions of these anomalous audio signals by pertinent corroborating  circumstantial evidence many many times, and most of these instances others could not hear any of it, even with me pointing it out as best as I could... I don't know what it means other than the physical sounds part must not be what we would think it is by using known measuring technologies. Who knows, maybe someday I will have a system working to where the messages will be audible to all, but I'm not worrying about that any longer.. what I will be doing I just laid out.. if this other thing comes around so be it ! I was hoping to cover more and be articulate in doing so... I guess I'll just leave it like this and wish you all the best in what you're doing

     Brian J.

PS : I just noticed that tomorrow will be the six year anniversary since I joined this forum.. Thanks again Keith for your generous and thoughtful efforts here !!

here's a little Bill O'Neil nugget worth thinking about.. I don't think I ever shared this here.. No doubt Dr. S. Rorke is responsible for shaking this one loose from legendary rabbit hole known as Spiricom : 

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