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 Posted: Jan 10th, 2013 04:21 PM
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I guess it will always depend on the situation, where your at when you record, and it is always best to be in a good frame of mind while doing it. I know a lot of you say not to record in your own home, but for me, that is where I first started at, and that is where I have been most comfortable. But agreed upon, there can be some nasty spirits that will push the envelope, if you let them. A few years back, I had a fellow who had a not so good life, and his mean personality followed him after he passed. It took me roughly 18 months to get it through his head he wasn't wanted by me, nor the other spirits here. He thought he was the self appointed gate keeper. He was extremely racist, and he tried to intimidate anyone black who wanted to pass thru. Once the appointed day and time he was to be banned from here, he tried all his tricks, first he said he was so sorry, that he loved me, he was just protecting me, blah blah blah blah blah. When I refused to change my mind he tried intimidation, which I laughed at. He pleaded and begged to be able to stay, but the answer was NO. Once he was gone, the others had no problem coming forward with stories of his intimidation towards them, and how some decided to leave, which was sad. Over time things went back to normal, but every now and then someone will mention his name, and I still say he can't come in. They say he waits outside, hoping to come back. That will never happen!!

The most he did to me physically was to shake the bed and disturb my sleep. When I didn't react to that, he quit. I have been on some investigations where someone has been scratched, or have hair pulled.

But you are right, if your not feeling tip top, mentally or physically do not record. They will drain you if they can!! Always keep the upper hand, and again, show no fear!!