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 Posted: Jan 9th, 2013 01:44 PM
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If you, as a sensitive, have dedicated your time to helping people in a paranormal pickle, you have my great admiration.

There are too many who are suffering, and not nearly enough who are willing or able to help. More are joining the ranks of the afflicted every day, it seems.  I partly blame all the copy cat paranormal partying inspired by television.

And the sensitives who search for answers to the things that they must deal with on a daily basis have my support, too.

As for the people who go looking for trouble in places where the energy is awful, I have quite a few concerns.  I might be the world's largest chicken, but I'd no sooner go into a place like that than I'd go into a cage full of hungry tigers carrying raw meat. 

Just as those who have very strong psychic abilities are often wishing for it all to stop, those who have weak ones often are looking for ways to rev them up.

Maybe all this hobby haunting hunting will go the way of scrapbooking and beanie baby collecting, and leave it to people who understand what it is they are risking, and what they are after.