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 Posted: Jan 9th, 2013 05:11 AM
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Gizmo wrote:
Absolutely.  Some people (like my husband, too!) have had this 'chink' in their armor from birth.  The door doesn't slam shut because there is no door.  When these people are physically at their strongest, they seem most able to deflect it.  However, I'm beginning to notice a correlation between physical strength (health, enough sleep, lack of unusual stresses,etc.) and psychic strength.  I wonder if you too have found that when you're at your lowest, the psychic stuff floods in?  In my husband's case it most definitely does!

Absolutely- in fact I'm wrestling with an upper-respiratory thing right now and was amazed by the amount of activity in our room last night.
During a recording session yesterday, condolences were offered "Sorry you're sick!" My friend (a lovely person and accomplished Reiki healer who crossed 15 years ago) said "Kenda" -haven't heard her in ages!
When I'm sick my mind chatter slows down to a crawl -very similar to twilight time before sleep- heightened sentience.

Once asked an ultra-conservative man if he'd ever experienced leaving the body; His answer, "Of course- doesn't everybody when they're sick?" He went on to describe finding himself floating above his reclining physical form. Another time the same man confided, when faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem he'd ask his deceased father for help and always got viable answers.

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