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 Posted: Jan 8th, 2013 03:24 PM
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dkenda wrote: Seriously I don't know if you can ever be absolutely protected, especially if you were born hard-wired to communicate with Spirit (of which I am not one). The individuals I know fitting that description began to interact at a very young age. There's no invisible "door" to slam shut. Turning off perception is akin to unseeing the elephant standing in front of you.

Teaching the non-communicator self to be hyper-aware is another story; Similar to developing emotional intelligence- the individual experienced the same emotional system all along, just wasn't conscious of the nuances.
Of course in that case Spirit might have to drop kick him or her when he or she isn't tuned-in, but...
-Maybe that's why some nouveau seers are treated so roughly, Hmmm
Absolutely.  Some people (like my husband, too!) have had this 'chink' in their armor from birth.  The door doesn't slam shut because there is no door.  When these people are physically at their strongest, they seem most able to deflect it.  However, I'm beginning to notice a correlation between physical strength (health, enough sleep, lack of unusual stresses,etc.) and psychic strength.  I wonder if you too have found that when you're at your lowest, the psychic stuff floods in?  In my husband's case it most definitely does!

With some people, there seems to be a correlation.  With others, none.

Also, another thing I am finding intriguing is that often the people who 'receive' their psychic abilities later due to a NDE or a brain injury have abnormalities in the right frontal lobe of their brains.  It isn't universal, but it is frequent enough to deserve note.

As for the new kids getting manhandled :  If they are newly open, then there is a distinct possibility that they are sending out indications of this like a kind of beacon.  They would not be naturally equipped to shield or to be able to avoid contact with things that can 'beat them up.'  This is where both discretion and proactive behavior might be helpful.  In other words, don't talk to strangers or go to places where the bad guys hang out kinda thing...