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 Posted: Jan 8th, 2013 11:27 AM
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dkenda wrote: Interesting that the "new frontier" is as close as a hair brushing the skin...perhaps "door opening" is programmed into one's energy, that the process of becoming interested in seeking answers is an illusion?
Everyone comes to this site/realm of thought through completely different channels- could experience be the result of "unfinished business"?
It could.

But my leanings are that we are all immersed in the everything, and that in order to function, we need to be shut off from the distractions and interferences of knowing too much, or sensing too much.

Sometimes, we have chinks in our armor.  Sometimes, we wander where the veil is thin.  These thin places are where the defenses are down, and we can sense things.

I think humans are born seeking.  Experience and living is the reason I think we are here.  Curiosity leads us all in different directions.  And when survival needs are met, we seek the spiritual.

Don't you think this quest is also inherent in our natures?  I do.