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 Posted: Jan 3rd, 2013 09:26 PM
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I will first get the ref. to Kenda and Spider out of the way... both of you had taken careful time to tell us what you heard and where in that track of audio you heard it.. that is thoughtful, and the sounds may be able to be heard by many or all if directed in this way... I've seen this happen beyond far more often than not... I've checked and found this too many times to not end up knowing this is a constant... I didn't go look myself this time and probably will just about stop with few exceptions as of new years day 2013, same goes for me sharing my audio files it's looking like.

I will try to explain why.. well, I will explain why, it will be up to you to be able to hear or understand what I am intending to say.. but first, I'd like to offer you the audio test I started to in that other posting.. Listen to this file and see what you hear of the repeated bit at the end... I think it's fine if any of you that wish to just reply here with what you hear do so.. sure this will very likely have an influence on what others may hear if they read it prior to listening, but let's not worry about that. In this case, I have the rare luxury of knowing that what I heard came out to suggest being fairly stunning as far as accurately perceiving what was on the dog's mind. Take a listen to this file if you would :

This sample is one that David Rountree sent out to ten people along with nine other audio files of some of my dual direction audio analysis work, for a very carefully controlled blind test.. it was reported to me by David that not one of these test subjects heard what I heard.. same goes for all nine of the other files... at least one other one of those I had direct feedback on from the target in question, and what she told me could lead one to suspect that I had received information from one of her deceased relatives with again.. stunning accuracy.... just single points of info. , and they sure as H. didn't come easy, but fascinating in the potential implications as far as I am concerned.. I'm not saying this for anyone else to accept as important, but to me yes, and it is one grain of many that has compelled me to keep pushing myself... This sample by the way is from five, maybe six years ago I think.

Ok, back to this point... I will even give you a couple clues or ?? This repeated part is a dual direction bit... in other words part of it is played in the normal forward direction.. BUT, within the complex frequencies of these sounds, there is the more specific part of the verbal ( or maybe audio-psychic ) message which I've reversed and added to the tail end of this short clip. I will describe the scene at the moment of this audio capture.... I had seen this old looking dog in a fenced driveway behind a house down the alley from mine.. he always looked so upset and sensitive, staring me in the eyes every time I walked by him... I didn't know who the people were that lived there, or what they looked like.. so when I finally stopped this time and asked him what was on his mind, I do believe he wanted me to know. I will come back to this column on Sunday January 13th and share what I heard, and how it turned out !

Ok, to Kenda's question about the ' chopped up ' Spiricom audio... here's the deal... in another topic column regarding Spiricom here on the itcbridge website, is some audio of Spiricom I uploaded a few years ago... go read about it if you like... but just a few nights ago when I had only run two experiments in total through my new and in my own personal strong opinion.. breakthrough ITC instrument, I was disappointed and I thought, what about using Spiricom sounds for the carrier track of this next session... For me, in all the years I've been pushing myself on this, this combination exceeds all previous without a doubt !!! In fact, I had never thought of using Spiricom audio for this purpose prior to the other night...12/30/12 to be exact ! Very early this morning I checked to see how this worked with my most recent method before this last one, which was similar in approach, yet only the baby step which caused me to visualize this latest instrument beginning months ago.. the test results of early this morning were dudsville ! So, I am really excited about completing construction of and refining my latest creation, and then more than anything, getting the time to build myself back up with regular sessions.

Now, to answer Kenda's question about the Spiricom audio.. here's what I did. I went and downloaded this particular sound file from this website :

I then cut out about a four second bit.. being careful to avoid including any of the alleged voice of Dr. Mueller. I extended this bit to about 20 sec. or so... had two of these side by side on my Goldwave program ( I LOVE this program !! ) I reversed one of these files and mixed it with the regular forward version of this file. I then extended ( or what some of you would do as looping ) this file to roughly 4 min. in duration.. designing and producing this for the maided run of this modified Spiricom audio, in concert with my literally hours old new instrument which is still incompletely built. I forgot to mention this.. it's just such a normal thing I have noticed so many many times during my countless hours of this experimentation.. when I listened to this experimental mix of original Spiricom audio, obviously it had rhythms in it, being that it was looped.. but what is odd (sort of ) is that I could hear a repeated phrase upon my initial listening to it before using it for the experiment.

What I heard repeated over and over again quite strongly, was something very close to " you're seeing something's good " ... was this my excited and optimistic mind projecting this, either upon the audio, or upon my ' listening ' perceptions ?? I sure couldn't say.. I haven't even gone back to see if it's still there... here's a short piece of this 4 min. audio.. what do you people hear ... anything ?? :

I hope I've covered enough... I won't be here posting much.. I wanted to stop by and touch base.. this end of the year point of breakthrough took me fifteen years and some change to come to, I really wanted to celebrate.. it's been hard as hell doing it the way I have.. not complaining.. did plenty of that to get through.. this is a new deal past a turning point in my life.. I certainly thank those of you who offered your input and feedback upon my request.. I will definitely be back on Sunday January 13th, 2013 to fill in the blank regarding the surrounding circumstances pertaining to the dog mouthing off within the file linked in the upper area of this posting..

      Best wishes everyone ...... Brian J.