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 Posted: Jan 3rd, 2013 01:09 PM
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Hey Gizmo

:biggrin: In summer, when I really had it with the astral scumbags, I have provided myself not only with black turmaline, but also with black onyx, mountain crystals and most of all: hematite. I have found that hematite works best for me re protection, but also turmaline and onyx are very good (I have also several other gemstones, which I use more in healing, not so much in protection).
Actually, it was Chris (CDS) who inspired me to try out protective stones and crystals - and they have worked miracles, I assure you.

Thank you, Chris (waving)

Re mediums: I found my medium friend through another friend, funny enough:
I am living in Germany, my friend in Australia asked someone else in Australia, who is very active in our field of research, whether he knew anyone trustworthy in Germany re serious mediumistic power. This other friend had just met my medium friend and was very much impressed by his abilities.... in short, I got the phone number, I called the guy - and I was blown away by the charisma and feeling of calm, deep  knowledge, that came through even on the phone....
This guy works with a circle of friends in their sessions, and they held a  session on my behalf last month... they got pictures that were so accurate, it was mind-blowing. They also told me they had placed astral sentinels at the portal for the time being... anyway, it worked.
I don't know whether the astrals have actually left (cause portal is not fully closed yet, as I said) but they don't pester anyone in our house anymore... whole athmosphere in here has changed....

I am really grateful.