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 Posted: Jan 3rd, 2013 12:21 PM
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Tani, one of the things that has a proven track record with several people I know is Black Tourmaline, a stone.  CDS has used it with good results, and the friend I mentioned above said it sort of weakened and isolated the ugly thing she just dealt with.  It kind of appeared to trap it in a corner?

I am seriously quite skeptical about all the crystal stories, but hey, if it works....worth a try.

I'm not trying to sell anything here, nor do I know anyone who does.  I just found mine on Amazon for cheap.  You don't need to get a pretty one, anyway.  Mine is just a small hunk of crystal. I think it might have cost $3.00?   I keep it next to the bed, just in case all this attention to the topic attracts something.  :blink:

RE: "Nuking" them by a medium:

Some psychics are fantastic receivers.  They pick up amazing info, and see and feel things.  Predict things.  All sorts of information.  But they might have great skills at this and not have what has been described to me as psychic "pressure."  This is the sending part.  Your medium friend's nuking of the entity is a perfect description of "pressure."

It has to do with the ability to push out.  Does that make sense?  My friend mentioned above also has "pressure."  She has always been able to "fill a room."  She said she just expands energetically- gets big!  (She's a small person physically.) 

So, while she tends to be a bright beacon that attracts things, she also has an ability to get mad and zap them.  She has been aware, as a teenager, that when she was mad at someone and shot them a dirty look across a room, they would flinch even if they didn't see her.  LOL

Glad you got rid of the nasties.