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 Posted: Jan 3rd, 2013 10:35 AM
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Gizmo wrote:She dealt with something over Christmas brought into the house by a friend of one of her kids.  It stayed.  It actually attacked her AND her daughter, throwing the daughter against a wall with some force.  We are not talking here about mischief or unpleasant dead guys.  She knew that this one wasn't human.  It took several days, and many tries to get it to go.  And she isn't totally convinced that it won't return.

Point is, I think we seriously need to at least consider the idea that not all of these contacts are with human spirits.  Some have never been human, but when attracted into contact with humans, are tempted to connect and attack or attach.

The types of spirits who contact through Ouija or divination methods tend to be thugs, whether they are human or not.  :blink:

I don't mean to sound like a Debbie Downer, but this one point has made itself clear to me over the course of several years of searching for answers.  It's a dangerous game we play when we don't go into this with some kind of realization that we are groping in the dark, and we don't know what will bump into us as we search around for contact."



I agree, Gizmo, its like russian roulette, or picking up total strangers in a bar.... it is definitely NOT a fun game.

I didn't even use Ouija or other divination methods, I just started to record for EVP :blink:, but my medium friend (who finally "nuked the evil shits") told me that I have a portal here that already existed before I had  started to record... and they have not been able to completely close that portal yet (gulp).
I won't do ANYTHING anymore here that could even remotely be understood as an invitation for contact by any astral being, thats for sure.

cheers all, Tani

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