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 Posted: Jan 2nd, 2013 09:53 PM
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I have been involved in this field for about five years, during which time I have accumulated a lot of information. 

There is confirmation from reliable sources that malicious entities exist and they try to ingratiate themselves with unsuspecting people then switch to trying to terrorize them.

I have had a longstanding correspondence with Drachenzahn.  Your experience and her experience are classic examples of malicious entities and the games that they play.


In her case, she called in a heavy who proved to be a very big gun indeed and nuked the evil shits who were trying to persecute her. 

Why do they try to persecute people?  From much reading, I think that, apart from the fact that they were evil shits while alive, it is simply because they can.

We have no idea of what mechanism permits discarnates to contact us but I have encountered countless cases where the communicating entities are either dead stupid or they enjoy leg-pulling.

I have encountered some instances of people at this end being fed truckloads of total nonsense but the recipients are so awed that they have been “chosen” to receive great wisdom from on high that all logic and critical examination deserts them.    

On the other side, it is reasonable to envisage the communicating entities pissing themselves with laughter.

But you have done all the right things, starting from outing them.  They were counting on your suggestibility and you have shown them that you aren’t open to it.  They tried to frighten you but you have realized that they have absolutely zero ability to affect your life (or that of your family) in any way.

The Time Traveller