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 Posted: Jan 2nd, 2013 10:30 AM
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I am glad people are responding to your situation. Unfortunately this happens a lot, and people made some good points to follow.

1. You have 'outed them', and that is good. They like to keep you engaged under a cloak of secrecy. Now that you have told others, you will get different opinions on how to handle it, thus taking their power away.

2. If they were creeps while living, they usually remain creeps after passing. They thrive on fear, and fear is a source of energy. They will try to wear you out, make you question your sanity.

3. Fear is all so unknown all of this, but some will zero in on certain concepts, the extraterestial has fascinated makind for many years, still widely unknown about, so what better way to control you by using something that you have researched and hadn't found answers to, to further frighten you with some made up extraterestrial goobly de gook to further continue your confusion?

4. Threats. What better way to make someone comply with your demands when you threaten the very things that one loves; family, especially harming children, pets, jobs, etc.

5. Anonymity. They can pretend to be what ever they please to be, good, bad, and the ugly. A good point made, if you are not comfortable with their requests, shut them down. Sure, they will act up and give another go at it, but if you refuse to play, they will go away. They need a captive audience.

6. Organizations. Using the names of a particular groups, or a particular term for something they want to intimidate you with can't mean much if they are the only ones who know about 'it'. I have heard the term 'Eden', 'Green Eden', 'The panel of 7', the 'Lottery' 'The Council of Elders', the 'Neither the Red nor the White'........the list is long. I was even told 'God is just a story'!!

7. Most that act this way are low level spirits, their time is running out, and they are desperate to keep a ahold of the living realm, what better way than to spew nonsense that sounds real and official? You become terrorized and scared, and you want to know what it is all about and they feed off that fear as a source of energy.

I had a friend that interacted with what seemed to be some benign spirits, and as time wne ton, they became more demading, instilling strange ideas and concepts into her mind, she kept all of this to herself, but it reached a point where her husband actually had to have her commited. She became so paranoid and fearful. The sad part is while in hospital, even with all the meds they gave her, all the therapy couldn't combat what was happening to her. She finally had to play the game of compliance, all the while being told crazy things by the spirits. Once they felt she was ok to be released, once she got home, and laid down the put it mildly, she told them she wasn't going to listen anymore and wasn't going to play their games with them anymore. Oh how they tried to break her down!! It took a good 6-9 months before they finally left her alone. They could no longer intimidate her, so it wasn't fun for them anymore. They went away, she stopped doing anymore research work, stopped doing EVP sessions.

Now a year and a half later, she will occasionally record, but she is taking it one step at a time. The low level spirits have tried to bother her a couple of times, she ignores them completely.

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