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 Posted: Jan 2nd, 2013 05:24 AM
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darrensweet wrote: Hi Gizmo, you are right there, we will never know the trustworthiness and yes it could be a trickster spirit i agree or evil entities or aliens.I did trust with all my heart in the beginning, which is when they were saying things of that nature, and that has changed considerably.It is shocking.Thanks Darren.
That's the rub.

At first, if you get contact or good information and they seem nice, or tell you they are can be lured into believing it all.  After all, this is exciting to be talking to a spirit, right? 

The very act of being able to do so can make a believer out of someone, no?   But it's easy to jump from a belief in the existence of spirits to believing what they tell you is true.

Red flags are if it asks you to do anything you are not comfortable with, or demands anything.  This is not a good sign.

You must realize that by inviting them to speak with you, or initiating contact you have given them permission for further contact.  Ouija boards and EVP sessions might seem like good tools for curious people to use to contact loved ones who have died, or spirits of higher beings. 

But, unfortunately, it doesn't ever seem to work this way. The entities typically invoked by these methods aren't necessarily nice.  In the hands of most of us, it isn't too fraught with danger because we are not too psychically open.  I am a dud, myself.  But if the person using these methods (and others like them that are designed to make contact) is a sensitive, all hell can break loose.  Pun intended.

Paranormal forums are filled with examples of what happens when it all goes wrong.  This forum is a good point in case.  It's not a game or a hobby.  It's like playing Russian Roulette.

 And curiosity can definitely "kill the cat."   Be careful.

Oh, and Darren...If you have had long term contact with this bunch, expect them to get pissed off when you refuse to do it more.  (I think you should stop immediately, myself.  But I'm just a stranger on the internet, so I'm wouldn't expect anyone to take my advice.) 

You might notice an upsurge in paranormal stuff happening for a bit.  But stand firm, and demand they leave and it will eventually stop.  You might have a battle on your hands for a while, though.

Good luck.  Hang in there.

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