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 Posted: Jan 1st, 2013 11:51 AM
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Hi Darren
 welcome to the club!
I have started recording for EVP in January 2012 and it took less than 3 weeks until I had a standing contact with 4 different entities, three females and one male, who all introduced themselves with their first names and who were very nice and co-operative in the beginning... gaining my trust first, right... then they started to threaten me, commanding me to commit suicide in order to join them ("we want you to kill yourself with a knife"; "You will come with us or your mother will die", "We will kill your dogs" etc)... it got worse and worse until I ceased recording EVP and also IR video-taping. I had decided not to have anything to do anymore with such a bunch of scumbags, and most certainly I had no intention whatsoever to join them.

When I ignored them, they started to pester me, my dogs and my sick mother with poltergeist activities (with independent witnesses), incessantly touching me just about everywhere, phantom smells, extreme coldness in the entire house despite running the furnace full throttle, attacks both at night-time in my sleep, and during daytime (attempt to suffocate me)... all kinds of stuff: a full-blown malevolent infestation.
I fought back with getting lots of protective crystals, and that helped a great deal, but didn't stop it completely.
I have found out their identities - all four are deceased humans: two convicted and beheaded murderesses, one extremely vain and half-mad italian marchesa, who had dabbled in the occult from early years, and one guy who had died in 1795 after spending 30 years in prison for all the bad deeds he had commited through his entire life: rape, fraud, libel, embezzling, attempted murder - you name it.
Turned out these four had somehow had found each other on the other side and are now linked to some sort of group, and these "charming" astral pests had attached themselves to me.
To make it short: it only stopped in December, last month, after the intervention of a
medium and his circle of friends.
A very intense experience, to say the least.
One advice from me, because I know that it was vital: NEVER BE AFRAID OF THEM!
They thrive on fear and terror.
A good thing you did already: you have told about your experince. They don't like that, they don't want to be exposed (confirmation of that by my mediumistic friend who is quite a celebrity in his field), they thrive on closed systems - them and you - and they don't like to see that closed system broken up by telling about it.
My two cents.
cheers and good luck for the new year!