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 Posted: Dec 30th, 2012 06:26 AM
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I'll bite.

I'm a newbie here, so this might not be the best place to start posting.  But this question is the one we all are contemplating, isn't it? 

I think my short answer is "I don't know."

But I've been really looking into this for several years now, after having experienced and witnessed a lot of things in my life that were pretty astonishing.  I'm not particularly psychic, which frustrates me.  But I figured being tenacious might count for something, so I dug into experiences others had and tried to look for patterns.  I believe there is order here, and if patterns emerged, then conclusions - or at least theories- might be drawn from them.

What I've come to believe is that everything is one.  We are all part of all of it, spiritually.  We are like sparks in a huge fire of spirit.  We are parts of a whole, but individuations as well. We are energy.  I think that when we are born, we choose our incarnation while still in spirit.  I think we send a part of us into a human body to experience life.  I think we forget in order to do this, and I truly believe we are not wired to remember.  I think we are protected from contact in order for this experience of life in a physical body to be pure.  And I agree with my husband's opinion that psychic ability is more like a chink in the armor than a "gift."

I'm pretty sure it's okay to contact beings, but I think it's quite important to try to understand WHAT you're contacting.  All entities are not dead humans. THIS I'm certain of beyond any doubt.

I believe after death, the soul lingers about for a while, maybe a couple of days or weeks. Then, I believe it moves on, shaking off contact with its former life and going back to where it came from before this incarnation.  I believe there are those souls who are stuck here, for one reason or another.  Some simply are unaware they have passed.  Others are traumatized and can't figure out what happened or what to do.  Some wish to stay wandering the earth and choose not to move on.  Those are not the norm. 

I think a strong medium can sometimes connect with and speak with the deceased, but I think they need help on their side too, in order to connect.  These are dead people, only a small part of the bigger picture.

The other entities who seem to mill around in the lower astrals are not human.  I have learned the term "astral wildlife."  I like it because it describes the multitude of beings that populate this plane.  Some are insect-like.  Some are animal like. ( I have been interested in the type that scratches and growls.  3 scratches, burning, usually with some sort of growl or laugh accompanying it.  ) Some are very intelligent.  But most of them are not things you really want attached to you, or to be tangled with.  They seem to be attracted to us, and look for ways to attach and draw our energy.  They can be encouraged or discouraged, depending on how we act.

I don't believe in evil, per se.  I think there are dangerous entities out there that are extremely toxic to us, but that this is their nature.  Much like meeting  a cat is not usually a good thing for a mouse; meeting one of these guys is not good for us.  Cats are not evil.  But to the mouse, they might appear so.  This is why communicating with an entity needs to be done with care.  Sometimes, you can get the attention of something that is not so nice.  Don't invite it in.

I believe we have much more 'power' than we know.  I think that we do have ability of intent to push away those things that we might find aggressive or damaging.  I think we have the right and ability to do so.  We also can attract them by opening the door to communication.  It pays to be cautious.

I come from a different place than a lot of investigators.  I come from a place of intense curiosity, but with a goal of understanding in order to be able to make these things stop.  I used to wish to have more contact and to speak to the dead; or to communicate with higher spirits.  I am now not so sure.  There is no doubt in my mind that all these things are possible, because I have experienced them.  Where the doubt comes in is with the idea that communicating involves the equivalent of walking blindfolded into a swamp that is populated with mosquitoes, quicksand, and hungry alligators.  I'd just like to know who I'm dealing with before I decide to strike up a conversation.