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 Posted: Dec 28th, 2012 07:46 AM
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Hi, yes it has gone very pear shaped and the information they are telling me is all i can say linking very strongly to alien contact, in my opinion.Just the things they are saying is disturbing.Like i said when you step outside of the life after death research box so to speak, which these disturbing messages have forced me to do, and see the bigger picture of what other people are saying as well as us ITC resarchers, I can come to no other conclusion and its not good. EDEN is the spirit world we go to.Another answer they gave me because i have been wary of alien contact for a while, is when i asked is there a battle between aliens and heaven, they replied NEVER STOP.There is no doubt in my mind that there are aliens here, just by messages alone, I was just wary also of perhaps a evil spirit group messing around but i just can't see it.I truly beleive there are two types of aliens involved as well.The AAru thing they mention as the weapon is also strange,as AAru is the egyptian afterlife, the so called field of reeds.They call this AAru a planet fragmental,Reseach the word fragmental.Something very big is going on in this world in my opinion, i cannot doubt my own ears.They mention Dumb important,dumb is underground base i think. If anyone is unsure of my post. Please do not hesitate to contact me pm or email and i will send you what you want.Thanks, Darren.