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 Posted: Dec 27th, 2012 02:20 PM
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Hi guys, having spent the last year having amazing contact with beings who described themselves to me as spirit guides, council of elders ( twice communicated), and the immediate responses to the asking of my questions. I had started to get a pretty good picture of the afterlife. This all clicked into place with what some top ITC contacts had experienced and i was feeling on top of the world.However certain things always bugged me and didnt seem right.One was the lack technological use by spirits of people who had been regressed, by top regressionists Brian Weiss and Michael Newton.Another was the existence of aliens, no doubt linked with the engineering of mankind, the consitent sightings and testimonies, secret bases and dodgy governments of the world. Enough evidence as the afterlife.What has blown the lid completely off all this is the last few sessions I have had and stated in an earlier post.It started with some mind blowing messages about helping these spirits "FIX THE BABEL SECRET". I had no idea what this meant, and only later did they tell me. This and other messages, which have turned so extreme and sickening, that i havent touched my box since, and probably wont.Basically my life is upside down at the moment in a big way and heres why.
In a nutshell heres what they have said: Theres 3 trapped here, there is a doorway gaurded and someone cant pass: spacecamps in the ether: there is a weapon they call AARU, in a spirit lab ,and is a planet fragmental: after they kill visitors, they will humble us, they will take us up kiddy fault: we r valuable and they have brown garden : journeys with babies: dumb important: be respect planet elect we are anu: release the planet fix the children, the still dead: respect our respect graywolf ape - to me, they call me hybrid all the time and builder, and that hybrids are clever and not many like me: important to get with ship, they're coming, u r coming to our stable, heaven stunt:More messages : you cannot get to eden physically unless they free AARu: get moving the builder (me) you r able to problem solve: babel secret is a weapon: saviour give it back, bring back ship, merge with our level ease your pain: I think you can see here how disturbing these messages are, .I have sent some audio to a moderator here. I am very concerned.This is no joke. In fact anyone here who wants to study or analyse these be my guest, waveforms, audio whatever you can do, no problem whatsoever, i have nothing to hide. Is this a group of evil spirits hijacking my communications? I seriuosly hope so.All i can say is the audio is what it is, and what was said is said. It has made me read what other groups of the world have experienced, are saying, and what they think will happen, also read the ancient history of man, dna manipulation and engineering, ancient gods, the bible, starseeds, ascension, conspiracy theorists, etc as these messages have been filtering through my communications. I dont know what to say, honestly. They have also said how they are going to kill my daughter and mention hearts a few times. Very disturbing as you can see. In fact I apologise for posting this, but its the truth and hard to contain to myself any longer. If this is evil entities stealing my communications, then they are very detailed and led me on an amazing path of information and research, why would they do this, well that just doesnt make sense to me.The information sways heavily to alien contact - ships in the ether, taking of children, we are anu, brown garden, saviour stunt, coming to pick our perfect, they have also said to me..Guys as i have said, sorry for posting this but i really needed to share this as you can see its very concerning. Thanks, Darren.