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 Posted: Oct 8th, 2012 07:17 PM
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 First of all, my apologies if this has already been done/covered. I tend to always be a step behind when it comes to ITC experiments, and very seldom do I ever see a project through:) I also tend to ramble incessantly, and fail to get to the point. For that reason, I will make this very brief.
 Seeing as how "sweep radio" (shack-hack, spiritbox, ghostbox, whatever you want to call it) has been a huge thing the past four or five years, why not create a U-Stream channel that consists of nothing more than a simple sweep radio that, like The Stream, would always be live? For personal reasons, I would not be the one to create this sort of stream. I will tell you the reason I could not be the host of this stream at the end, in order to get the experimental ideas that I have, out there for the rest of you to possibly create this thing.
  Anyhow, this "live spirit box" would consist of nothing more than audio, if one were to create this "stream", using the absolute bare minimum. I realize that, thanks to Keith putting his ideas out freely for the rest of us to draw from/on, this project could be an awful lot like The Stream, but that would take more work than is necessary. The way I envisioned this experiment was bare-bones: The U-Stream channel would just show a live shot of the radio, constantly scanning. Nobody would really need to be present, except for the occasional check-in to make sure it is up and running, for this to run (again, another "No-No" according to the terrifying article I read).
  In short, has anyone considered doing a stream using a hack-radio, where multiple people could access it? There is potential, in my mind, of this being a worth-while endeavor, seeing as how people from all over the world would be using the same "radio", via the stream, and would be limited to only the stations that are available at the hosts residence (ex: 100.5 here is WWKI, while in Anytown, Michigan, could be WXYZ). It would be interesting to see what type of samples people would record, from all over the world.

Here is the reason I would not host the sweep-radio channel. Please, if anyone can contradict this information, please do so!

  I will save the details, but will tell you that I ran across an article that stated something along the lines of "if you use a sweep radio, you are inviting bad spirits and will be the recipient of negative energies and you are creating a portal." Well, despite being a very logical person, I let this one article dissuade me from using a spirit box. The idea that every time I turn one on, I am creating a physical opening for evil spirits to come through terrified me for some reason. For that reason alone,  and despite having made over close to a dozen of these hacked radios, I just can not bring myself to use one. Ironic that my S/N is "PSB7USER", eh?? Also, the whole unmanned sweep radio idea, according to the authors of this piece of literature, is considered very rude to spirits. The whole article came across preachy, and even though I am a logic based person, it has scared me off from turning on my sweep radio. Granted, I know there are risks associated with everything, including non-ITC experiments. Why someone like myself was so easily dissuaded from using a spirit box is a mystery to me. However; it has allowed me to create some pretty cool IR/UV/VI boosters for full spectrum, and IR cameras. Perhaps my shift towards more photography based things is due to this? I don't know. I just know there is a lot I do not know, and a lot we are not really meant to know. I wish I could be like the people I see using a GB at their house, but then again, if anything remotely bad were to happen to someone I love, I would swear that it was due to me using that darn ghostbox. Illogical? Yep.