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 Posted: Sep 18th, 2012 04:53 AM
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Hi yea i know ya dont need the PAD, just put it on to show it can be used on a

I be testing mine later again with webcam if possible, as im sure there is something in my room, im getting sold spots more of fern now, even though i have not had heating in my house for 3 months co land lord is waiting for me to move out, to gut the house and rebuild certain parts, It dont really bother me not having heating much as im normally only in 2 rooms most of the time ,and i can use a portable heater.

Well been sorting out my room more chucking out stuff, as im not sure i would of been able to take it with me, and storage containers cost to much.

Anyway once i get this sorted out i hope to look into other options of paranormal things.