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 Posted: Sep 12th, 2012 09:53 PM
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Ok i caught this Darn creepy voice with creepy laugh GRADE A i would say and found it while i was checking out my 2nd old peoples home EVP session i did this morning, this creped me out..

what you think of it, GRADE A or B..??

HOW TO EMBED YOUTUBE VIDEO ON THIS EXCELLENT FORUM.. USE THE CODE BELOW Changing the youtube address to your own,and remove the 2 (*) from the FLASH TEXT.

Download of EVPS as Single Files taken from Main file.. Download link here.

Or Get Video Files from here.

All my Captured EVPS are available to download, No Copyrights at all, BUT please tell people where you got the EVP files from. I need visitors to my Website.. :blush:
All Future EVP's will be uploaded to,when available for downloading.

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