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 Posted: Sep 11th, 2012 07:54 PM
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Thanks, Steve, and Randy,

To Steve: Yes, DiamondCut8 is free to an extent. I did a Google search for "Free Audio Editing Programs", and downloaded a few from just to try them out. With DiamondCut8, you have the option to either use the "Demo Mode", or purchase the full-version. Although DC8's site says that the demo mode is for 30 days, I have had it on my computer since May, with no problems thus far. It is an interesting program, but can be a bit confusing. Sidenote: I always upload my EVP file straight  from my recorder, without doing any editing other than "snipping" the relevant parts.

To Randy: I could hear the same thing straight from my recorder. For some reason, when I use my Sony ICD-UX512 recorder, I get EVP responses like the one I uploaded all the time. I do not know how to "class" each EVP, but this one sure sounded clear to me. Clear enough, in fact, that I have started to use video recording whenever I feel I should try to capture EVP, for the sole reason to prove that there was no one else with me at the time of said recording.

Thank you for the responses. It helps me validate that this is not in my head:)