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 Posted: Sep 11th, 2012 03:52 PM
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Hi i got my new Word-press Site up now, and wanting people to view it.

My latest update is a MPĀ£ music player, so it will play music when people contact to the main page.

I may change the music to Single EVP Wave Files or Random play list in the near future.

Added Hit counter.

New Link section added with ITCBridge added as a favorite link.

Soon to add a Video Play list add on.

Forum for general chat to be added this week

What do you think my site need to have added.. comments please.

Added my older Word Press Forum i made for my Dear Farther who died Last November 2012, site is dedicated to my farther. R.I.P 1993-NOV 2012

Site address.

GOTO SLEEP Wave File of my farther saying Go To Sleep ,after a EVP session with him


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