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 Posted: Aug 30th, 2012 01:50 PM
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Thanks Arizona and Psychopompos :)

Meteorite ?! :blink:

Yes, 5K coils indeed. I mean, how on earth (or elsewhere) could a 5K coil be wound to the dimensions shown in the original device ?
Mine worked out at 167 Ohm's each, matched, using finer than hair 40 AWG from a relay.
One way, feasibly, would be to use a 5K pot and wind it up to nearly full, then use the coil to make up to the 5K.
However, I do think the highest ohm reading to be important..after all, that's the spec.

All of this has me further intrigued, because of some petrovoltaic experiments recently.
In this 2 minute video, I show that a piece of rock actually runs in an LED circuit better than a straight wire connection:
Simple circuit diagram is shown within the video.  

@Psychopompos - I'll gladly help. Although of zero income, I have a lot of spares etc around here and will further the development. There's no way on the planet I could afford some germanium chips at the moment, so would be doing us both a favour and, hopefully furthering this fascinating circuit for others.

@ArizonaEVP - the best earpiece i've used with crystal radio experiments is from an old telephone. It works well and is something to try on the original build, or a subsequent build. Where does one find the pink single earbud types these days ? I used to see them in the ears of the hard of hearing in the 1980's, but haven't seen any recently (in or out of old folks ears).

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