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 Posted: Jul 5th, 2012 03:28 PM
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I think that tarot, runes, I Ching, voices in random radio static, and random selected vocals from broadcast stations all have the random characteristic of the medium used to acquire the intelligent message.

Recorder instrument static or background noise contain audio patterns that can be recognized as voices....sometimes sounds like footsteps, etc. The message detail is limited by the method used to capture the intelligence. In other words we are limited to a few hard to recognize words or sounds.

The ghost radios all rely on the available material from local radio stations during a session to piece together a word or phrase related to the session.

I believe the natural random output of the sun or an LED or an electronic noise source all contain the intelligence. The really wide bandwidth sources like the full radio spectrum or the color spectrum of sunlight could contain detailed information like electronic designs or video images as well as a tiny audible spectrum of sound needed for speech.

I have already used the widest possible audio output of a vhf radio receiver to supply random data to a synthetic speech chip "speakjet" and gotten a steady stream of voices in apparent conversation with themselves as well as answering questions and generating the names of those at the session.

The spectrographic experiments on this website are already extracting images from radio noise and other random audio noise sources. The spirits may well be our teachers when we perfect or communication devices.