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 Posted: Jun 28th, 2012 08:27 PM
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Frank Douglas

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I finally ran my first session tonight using my new setup.

I am playing a loop of Geese though EVP-Maker slowed to 1/2 speed and stuttered, a loop of car horns in a traffic jam though a second iteration of EVP-Maker slowed to 1/2 speed, stuttered and reversed.

I dropped the white, pink and brown wave tones during setup due and immediately started getting good images.

As I was tweaking setting on SeaWave it seemed that if I changed a setting that made things worse I saw frowns or angry looking faces. If I made it better I saw smiles or more faces.

I'm still planning on making tuning adjustments to improve imaging as I go along.

This first session was short; only a half hour, due to a headache that started on.

This happened when I first started working with the live stream feed Keith has up. As I worked more the headaches stopped, so I was not surprised tonight when it started.

Pics follow.


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