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 Posted: Jun 20th, 2012 11:04 AM
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Keith Clark

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Sorry for the slow respone, been so busy. Son is with me at home visiting and work has kept me more than occupied.

Since I have been working with the software for 4 years now, perhaps I can shed some light :)

I'm attaching a picture of the stream settings I used to use. Lately I change the scan step to 384, somtimes 512 to allow for better pictures by spirit (smaller, more time in less space, harder for them to do, but pictures are better) I recommend 256 for starters.

I use a small mixer to raise the volume for anything coming into the computer, particularly for diodes, to control the radio volume if used, etc.

Concerning playing tones and other files on the same computer as what you wish to view, this can be done using virtual cable, a software application.

For example, on the streaming computer the audio input is skype, which outputs to virtual line 1, then the audio goes into my filtering software which takes it in on virtual line 1 and outputs it to virtual line 2. And then the spectrograph software takes it in on virtual line 2 and displays the results of the filtering software.

In addition to that, the streaming software also received virtual line 2 and outputs it to your computers.

Betcha didn't know that was possible, eh? chuckle....

I'll be more than happy to explain this to anyone if needed, or help you set it up, just catching me is hard, that's all.
This allows me to run a stream with multiple programs using one audio feed - when I used to need several computers! It can be routed various ways, it is hard to comprehend setting up at first, but you get the hang of it.

Please consider me a resource, as spirit helped me invent this method of pictures through sound, and I am more than happy to share, and appreciate your interest and endeavors as a result.


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