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 Posted: Jun 19th, 2012 06:09 PM
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Frank Douglas

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I started with multiple loops on multiple EVP-Makers running, but I was not getting a viable signal into SeaWave.

I set SeaWave to read from the Microsoft Sound Mapper, but the signal comes over flat. It appears that all I'm seeing on SeaWave is artifact.

Next I lopped the headphones out and into the Mic jack... same result.

Lastly I ran line level audio from an external source into a usb capture device. Again with the same result.

I tryed loading the wav file into SeaWave and it shows as it should... possible a little hot on the gain.

I'll keep working at it. Next step is to run audio on a tower I use for a weather station via EVP-Maker out and into the laptop via the line level capture.


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