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 Posted: May 16th, 2007 08:43 AM
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I've been working on a rendition of the box using the original plans with an old car stereo tuner and other circuitry to scan through the am band which resembles
the sweep circuitry Frank just posted though I am using an LM1458 OpAmp instead
of the TL074 and a few different parts. I've been looking into using a 16f628 PIC in conjunction with some
digital to analog components to "recreate" the random voltage generator. This would
allow the box to be programmed to either do sweeps up and down the band, sweeps in one direction (start from low to high then start low again, or vice versa, etc...) and the random voltage generation. and then just maybe a random selection of any of those funtions. (in theory at this point).

I guess the main question is... will this effect its usability/spiritual aspects of this
box (for lack of a better term). Any thoughts on this?