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 Posted: Jun 4th, 2012 07:55 PM
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Hi pol,

I just read the entire thread.

My friend and medium Linda works with Pam Coronado teaching online classes in psychic investigations. Linda also has her own psychic investigation class that meets weekly about two hours from my home. They work on cold cases. After listening to some of my EVPs (probably the few of the better ones - :smile:) Linda invited me to bring my computer and white noise to her class so we could attempt to find out who the murderer was by contacting the victim in one of the classes cold case studies.  I have to tell you that it was probably one of the most frustrating experiences that I have had. We actually FINALLY made contact with the victim after hours of prep time and she identified her murderer by stating his first and last name and his occupation. The man identified was her husband who was a police officer. Linda heard the EVP before I did and we all agreed with the result but...what to do with it? Can we trust the result -  did we hear it correctly? Was it really the victim that we made contact with? Even with this information, there is nothing we can do with it unless the PD awants to reopen the case and is open to the use of EVP or at best the use of a psychic they trust. Not every PD will consider the use of a psychic as an aid in an investigation. Usually it is one of the officers who has a  personal freindship or a professional experience with a psychic that the PD may consider the use of one.

The thought is great but the evidence must be beyond a reasonable doubt. If the EVP can lead the invesitgators on the right path to find the evidence, all well and good but there is a good possibility that we are sending them down the wrong path as our recordings methods and listening abilities are not always on the mark. Mediumistic and psychic abilities are also not always reliable,

What do you think? 


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