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 Posted: Jun 4th, 2012 07:20 AM
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Frank Douglas wrote: I had a "sign" last week also.

Looking at this I see a possible sailboat stern, and mast.

Has anyone else noticed what appears to be individual letters?

Last week I picked out 2 separate words.. at least what I think were words.

One word was "little"... the other was "Eiffel". I was conducting a concurrent Ovilus session and had "Tremor" sound out about the same time as "Eiffel" was on the screen.

I was not quick enough to grab a screen cap. I need to start recording the sessions to allow me to go back over things.

I plan on starting to work on text and concurrent Ovilus sessions.


Hi Frank,

I did see that pic you posted. 

Here are some more images of the above capture.

I used Office Picture Manager to enlarge the section.

Attached Image (viewed 71 times):